Director. Jonathan Menendez
Country. USA
Format. NTSC Region 0,1,2 – Digital
Language. English, Spanish Subtitles
Time. 85 minutes
Genre(s). Documentary: Drama, Educational, Visual Sociology, LGBTQ.
Release: TBA


Stream Online. By way of streaming the video on YouTube, Amazon and iTunes after its festival releases, Evolutionary Productions aims to lead the way for a media revolution of queer Latino men.

Vlog Community. To connect individuals through our website and video community to be launched by the creation of empowering dialogue and positive identities for ourselves through video discussions about who we are. We want others who stand in silence about their culture specific stories to come out and speak.

Gay Lay Latino Los Angeles: Coming Of Age is a docu-drama journey into adulthood of three young men and their search for identity while dealing with issues of family, hyper masculinity, religion, culture, and life in L.A. An undocumented immigrant from Mexico, a Salvadoran activist and Berkeley graduate and a Mexican American from South Central Los Angeles who wants to get away from the gang life share their journeys with us. The film is interlaced and narrated with poetic visuals of an Aztec dancer in the hills around Los Angeles to covey the independent journey of self-discovery.

The film portrays the lives of Alejandro Aldana, Brian Pacheco, and Carlos Gomez — all gay Latino men — living in Los Angeles, CA. The men are portrayed in their current daily situations, while recounting stories that reveal the role that family, relationships, social oppression, morality and machismo play in forming their identity within the context of life in the city of Los Angeles. They explain how being gay and Latino has influenced their lives and what steps they have taken to overcome any negative effects that these elements have brought in their personal journeys. In footage of their present lives, we find them to be engaged as professionals, successful members of our society, and as role models for Latino youth struggling homophobia around them.

Artsy and bohemian, Alex Aldana, a downtown LA undocumented immigrant that works as a community organizer, will confront and overcome his fears of emotional rejection heartbreak by sharing his problems with teens at work and engaging in relationships with other men.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Brian Pacheco, a family oriented Salvadorian activist, searches for meaning, direction and career-driven stability as he deals with issues of emotional instability by coming out to his mother and sister. He finds direction by facing his fears of coming out and associating with other people.

Having been almost murdered by his younger brother for coming out to his family, Carlos Gomez, turns to silence with his sexual identity. He deals with issues of drug usage and attempts to get away from the “hood life” which he has been trapped in due to his upbringing. His love life with other gangster type of guys has proven to bring meaning to his life.

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