Artsy and bohemian, Alex Aldana, an undocumented Mexican immigrant shares his fears of of the future and takes us on an emotional roller coaster as he struggles to maintain his newfound love in a world of partying and lust. During the day, he’s dedicated to his full time job, for Bienestar, doing HIV prevention work to at risk youth. At night, another side of him takes over and enjoys drinking and partying as an escape for his problem- that without legal citizenship, he can’t go to college or live at peace in a society that neglects him benefits. He calls his experience a double closet- gay one hand and undocumented, on the other.

Post-Berkley undergrad, Brian Pacheco, a family oriented Salvadorian activist, searches for meaning, direction and career-driven stability as he deals with issues of emotional instability by coming out to his mother and sister. The unexpected murder of his brother and father, take a deep toll on his identity.

Having been almost murdered by his younger brother for coming out to his family, Carlos Gomez, turns to silence with his sexual identity. He deals with issues of drug usage and attempts to get away from the “hood life” which he has been trapped into because of his upbringing.  His love life with other gangster type of guys bring meaning to his life.