The Supersonic Thank You Pledge-- Your name as a donor on the official movie website, access to our production blog, and a supersonic thank you with love and hugs from the crew!

Clancy Canvar

Matthew Esquibel

Dennis Arlene Espinoza

Jorge Arreola


The Golden Credit Pledge-- Your name at the end of the movie, on our official website and on the IMDB and a heartfelt supersonic thank you! Also, the knowledge that you are contributing to Latino-American gay cinema and the production of a much needed message of acceptance and understanding to the world.

Lori Blau

Evangelina Nevarez

Ana Cisneros

Nikki Reyes

Seth Ambrose

Caterina Rindi

Kristen Weick

Danny Olvera

Rebecca Beltran

Freddy A. Carrillo

Cynthia Cerda

Carlos Bello

Dominique Bouillon

Camilo Arenivar

Victor Pina

Jovanny Venegas

Linda Warsaw


The Cool Kickstarter Pledge– A limited edition and numbered movie postcard autographed by the crew and a movie button. Everyone loves buttons!

Mirna Chamorro

Antonio Garcia

Alvin David

Matty Morin

Diana Lesmez


The Movie Lover Pledge– An exclusive digital copy of the movie, bag of popcorn kernels packed with love and an official 8×10 autographed movie poster suitable for framing. Also, all of the above!Salvador Ceja Garcia



Jorge Rivas

Candace Joy

Roberto Velazquez

Alexis Mazon


Jay Cee 96

Brian Sizemore


Tino Yracheta

Diana Baire

Roger Ortiz

Alan Goff

Marco Antonio Villada



Luis R Castillo

Ruben Esparza

Theresa Walker

Manuel Cortez


The Movie Swag Pledge– You’ll get a t-shirt designed by a collective of gay Latino artists, an exclusive digital copy of the movie, and an official 8×10 autographed movie poster suitable for framing, a movie button and all of the above.

Robert Gomez


Ronald Arrivillaga

Lance Hunter

Michael Cortez


The VIP Party Pledge-- A VIP invitation and admission to an open-bar party with the stars, filmmakers and other donors at an exclusive location AND a discounted price on tickets to the Official Movie Release Gala. Plus, of course, all of the above!

Treavor Alvarado

Hector Rodriguez

Jayson Ponce

Alfred Fraijo Jr.

Manny Garcia

Santiago N. Bernal Melendez

Milena Bice

Richard Ray Perez

Antony Moreno

Melody Mayer

Harald Koebler


Lewalen Lee

Richard T. Rodriguez

David Beckwith

Esteban Jimenez

Eduardo Lara

Gaudencio Marquez

Esteban Baez

William Menendez


The Producer’s Favorite Pledge– A limited edition autographed hand crafted DVD box with original art & poetry on the cover and the movie, 1 ticket to an Exclusive Movie Screening of the film with post Q&A and mixer, special access to unused footage archives, interviews and b-roll from our internal web database, the ability to vote on a new name for the film once we lock footage, and of course… all of the above!

Chon Noriega

Steven Black

Wolfgang Bitterlich

Eric Garcia

Josue Avelar

Manuel A. Acevedo

Felipe Infante

Horacio N. Roque Ramirez

Shawn Jain

Ray Gonzales

Kersu Dalal

Christopher Eden

Xavier Mejia

Art Becerra


Roland Palencia

Joseph H.

Albert Elzas

Alfredo Lee

Chris Tabarez

Richard Zaldivar

Adrian Ayala


The I LOVE JONATHAN Pledge– Gets you everything that the Producer’s Favorite Pledge gives you, but you also get a surprise from Jonathan, that you will LOVE guaranteed. You

Justin Emerick

Elizabeth Haughton


The Partner Pledge– A special package perfect for supporting organizations and small business owners: video shot-out and mention on our viral channels (the official movie site, vimeo and youtube), advertising space in handouts given at special screenings throughout Los Angeles and a banner representing your business at our VIP party and screening, your logo or name in the credit of the film and the VIP Party Pledge

Gomez Family


The LA’s Premiere Pledge– A date with the producer and/or one of the stars of the film, an 8×10 enlarged photograph of the film framed and signed by the cast, special red carpet seating with the producer at the Los Angeles Premier of the film, and a super cute and creative personal video made just for you by the stars of the film, and The Producer’s Favorite Pledge OR your business/logo/name on the official movie postcards and promotional materials and The Partner Pledge (as described above).

Latino Equality Alliance

Bryce Thompson

Chris F

Shawn Pucknell

Keith McWhorter

Nellie Snyder



The Associate Producer Credit and all of the above.

Howard Aaron Aronow, MD

Gene L’Petra


The Platinum Gay Latino Pledge– associate producer credit and an exclusive screening of the film hosted by the producer at your university, office, home or venue, 20 exclusive digital copies of the movie, 10 t-shirts designed by a collective of gay Latino artists, 10 official 8×10 autographed movie posters suitable for framing, 20 limited edition and numbered postcards, special access to unused footage archives, interviews and b-roll from our internal web database for 25 people, a super cute and creative personal video made just for you by the stars of the film skype chat with stars of the film and crew and the Partner Pledge.